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By Selene Silverwind
The history and development of Paganism-all in one volume!

Although Pagans have endured centuries of persecution and condemnation, Paganism has risen to become the seventh-largest organized religion in the world-and is still growing.

The Everything( Paganism Book, written by Selene Silverwind-a practicing Pagan for more than ten years-uncovers the history and beliefs of this ancient faith. The author guides you through the ideology, tenets, and practices that make up Paganism, exploring its Celtic origins and showing how some Pagan rites and rituals have become mainstream today.

Learn all about:

  • Pagan ethics and belief structure
  • Paganism’s modern offshoots, such as Wicca
  • The roots of Neo-Paganism
  • The history of Druidism, Shamanism, and more
  • Festivals and celebrations near you

    Supplemented with a glossary of Pagan terms, The Everything(r) Paganism Book is the ideal introduction for anyone with an interest in the ideals and traditions of this ancient religion.


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